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About Benchmark Grading

Benchmark Grading is a web-based grade book application that uses state benchmarks for standards-based teaching to allow educators to:

  • Identify holes between their curriculum and state standards
  • View and download student progress over time
  • Create and share valuable data for professional learning communities (PLCs)

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What People Are Saying...

"I am impressed with the ability of this program to track my teaching. It allows me to easily see my own progress of EALR instruction in each subject area.

"Benchmark grading has enhanced my parent-teacher communication by allowing me to easily access student progress reports. This has helped students to keep on top of their work and kept parents informed of their progress. Parents have praised the detailed reports and are appreciative of the added opportunity to celebrate success and review areas of confusion at home!"

- Tricia Hoffarth, fourth grade teacher, Vancouver WA
"Benchmark grading is an incredible grade book for teachers. It is extremely versatile. It has given me the ability to focus my teaching on student achievement specific to the standards being taught. This drives my teaching. Each assignment/test is given with the intent to assess one or more benchmark skills. You are able to see a student's progress for that particular skill over time by grades entered... "This grade book helps me be truly intentional in my classroom instruction."

- Carol Patrick, fifth grade teacher, Vancouver WA
"Knowing that you had a hand in having Sarah McPartland share her expertise with the recent Standards Based Grading class, I wanted to share my compliments to Sarah after having just finished up the three-session course. She is obviously well-researched in the area of Standards Based Grading—and energetically shared her knowledge with the course participants.

"Grading is an area of tension for many, and Sarah crafted thought-provoking questions & scenarios for us to wrestle with and determine best practices. Whether teachers embark on using Benchmark Grading or stay with SIS, I think the practices she shared and the seeds that were planted will be influential, across the audience of both elementary and secondary teachers.

"The general consensus was that teachers would love to have more follow-up training & conversations on how to practically implement these grading practices—and what she had to share should definitely be available to an even larger audience! With the momentum of building PLCs, and the conversations that come up regarding grading practices, assessments, and data collection—this is a natural fit as we look at how to make informed decisions around student achievement."

Sally Kroon, seventh grade teacher, Vancouver WA

Learning Center

Find out more about standards-based grading and read the state benchmarks in the Learning center.